Spanish guitar at the Moor Queen’s Tower

Moor Queen`s Tower

10€ / guest

10 - 20 guests

From 21:00 to 21:40

Thursday and Sunday

40 minutes

We propose an experience that has all the ingredients to end the day in the best way.

An unbeatable outdoor setting at the foot of the Torre de la Reina Mora; the musical sound of a live Spanish guitar, and a glass of Valencian wine.

You cannot miss this show for all the senses that we offer at sunset and to a small group of attendees.


  • Spanish guitar show
  • Valencian wine glass
  • Interpretation of renowned and self-composed works
  • Intimate performance with limited places
  • Privileged enclave

Thursday and Sunday

 21:00 at the Moor Queen`s Tower



How do we get to the Moor Queen`s Tower? Where can we park?

Access is very easy. We can either park in the center and walk up to the Moor Queen`s Tower through the “Pou” neighborhood; Or we can park in the Castle car park and go down the Calvary road until we reach the Tower. Both options are suitable. But if you prefer not to go up the slope of the road to Calvary to pick up the car at the end, the best option is to park in the center. A good alternative is the “Prado” free parking (put the GPS: Cooperativa Cullera).

Who is the musician?

Nene Navarro. Local artist who performs renowned works and works of his own composition.

Can the schedule change?

In high season, the performance will begin at 9:00 p.m. But this schedule may vary depending on the sunset as this is an important point in the setting of the show.

Can children come?

Yes, as long as they are over 10 years old and well educated. This is necessary for the proper functioning of the performance.

Can I bring food?

Preferably not. The show lasts 40 minutes, it is a short time and we want you to enjoy it intensely. In addition, we include a glass of wine to make the event even more enjoyable. It is not necessary to bring other snacks that may disturb other participants.

Can pets come?

No. Even if the show is outdoors, out of respect for the artist and the rest of the participants, it is better that we leave the pets at home since they can, without ill intention, hinder the proper functioning and atmosphere of the performance.

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